Grain Berries

Grainz Ingredients

At Grainz Bread Shop, we use a variety of different ingredients, some organic and some locally grown and supplied.

It is what we do with these ingredients that give us our flavour profiles, our textures, and our shelf life.

We daily culture our own sour doughs and make our preferments at the bread shop.

Our most important ingredient is the inability to compromise.

If some one forgets to make the preferments we have no bread on day three.

In order to maintain consistency and flavour, there are no short cuts or inferior ingredients used.

Fresh Yeast used in all our products

Fleischmann’s Yeast

We use a variety of grains and seeds for our multi-grain loaf

Organic grains

Our Suppliers

  • We use Heritage Harvest for our Red Fife Organic Flours which is located just outside of Strathmore AB.
  • Grain Works in Vulcan AB supplies our other organic flours and grains.
  • We source all other flours from a local bakery supplier.
  • We locally source the fresh yeast we use in all products from Fleischmann’s.