Hand mixing the poolish in small batches

My Story

Many times, in my career I have been asked "Why do you do what you do? “I’d like to paint everyone a little picture to explain exactly “Why I do what I do?”

company logo from flour stensil

Close up of carmelized multi-grain bread

Baker/Owner, Teddi Smith

At 4:00am the city of Calgary is dark and peaceful.

I open the bakery door and am greeted by the oven clicking away to let me know it is pre—heated and ready to work.

After I turn on the radio for some company, I start pulling my loaves of bread from the fridge and score each loaf with its specific design.

I load the bread into the oven, give it a blast of steam, and watch the magic happen.

I give myself the luxury of 5 minutes to just stand and watch the loaves slowly rise and expand in the oven. This is my favorite part of the day.

As I see them rise I sigh with relief that my sours are active and my three—day process was not wasted.

Once I can start smelling that smell we all love...fresh bread baking, I give the loaves a little spin in the oven making sure they caramelize evenly on all sides.

When the loaves are golden brown and looking gorgeous, I give them a little more time. After all,“We don’t burn we Caramelize!”

As I peel the bread out of the oven and it hits the cooler air it will start crackling and singing.

You can often find me standing by the bread rack holding a loaf of sourdough and I just stand and smell as there is nothing better.

Bread for the city of Calgary

Bread for Calgary

Even though I love to see the finished product, what I truly love the most is when you, my customers, appreciate what I am trying to achieve.

When we opened Wilde Grainz Artisan Bakery in 2010 my main goal was for people to have the chance to enjoy real bread again.

In the bakery, I knew I achieved this goal when a young customer about three years of age did not ask for a chocolate chip cookie, but for a heal of bread and when another said, “your Muesli bread tastes like candy”!

After we closed Wilde Grainz, I still had a nagging need to create my bread.

After many of you asked, “when can we buy bread by Teddi again?”

I knew I had to once again create bread for the city of Calgary.